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Entrevista a Juan Eslava Galán del periodista Dawid Pawlica por la presentación del libro

Entrevista a Juan Eslava Galán del periodista Dawid Pawlica por la presentación del libro

Dawid Pawlica, polaco, es periodista de InnySwiat. Lugar de encuentro literario para jóvenes amantes de la literatura de fantasía. Recientemente la editorial y corporación SOLARIS ha publicado un nuevo libro del autor, "Los dientes del dragón" (primero se publicó "En busca del último unicornio"), y con este motivo, el periodista realiza la siguiente entrevista a Juan eslava Galán por el interés que este autor ha despertado en los lectores polacos.

1.Sir Juan, How long You interested Fantasy, and when u start write the fantasy texts?

I have been interested in Fantasy for many years although I have written this only novel.

2. which text or books is Your the greatest sukces?

My greatest success is the novel “En Busca del Unicornio”, which recently has appeared in polish . I have also written several novels with the pseudonym Nicholas Wilcox.

3. Sir Juan, in Poland SOLARIS publish Your 2 books: "Los dientes del dragon" and "En busca del unicornio". You write more fantasy books? If yes, then when we see the new book in Poland? Perhaps you planing write new fantasy book?

I have not written other Fantasy books, but I have several ideas for the future.

4. How Long You write "Los dientes del dragon", and from where You draw the inspiration to create characters like Lucas, Pedro, Isabella, or dwarf Grontal?

I wrote “Los dientes del Dragón”, five years ago. My source of inspiration are medieval songs, ballads and  stories.

5. Sir, Your Writing style is impressive. Chapter 1 and description of Akka City is mastery! You visite some Arabian Citys in real? Or this is only Your imagination?

I tray to visit the places I describe, and read history books about them.

6. Sir u know somthing about Role Play Games? You play or reading about this?

I have never played a role game, but I have good friends who teach me about them.

7. How look fantasy market in Spain? Young people reading fantasy book? How to collect Yours Books?

In Spain the Fantasy market is developing steadly and firmly and has a good future, I think. My books and novels are available through internet.

8. Sir, You study philosophy and literature in Grenada University, its helpful in writing fantasy books?

To study philosophy and history is always helpful when you are o try to be a writer.

9. You know some polish (fantasy) writer? Any names? Or Books Tittles?

I am sorry, but I don´t know any polish Fantasy writer.

10. Sir, if You want somthing tell the polish fans, You have the opportunity.

I thank my polish readers for reading my books  and I hope that they continue reading me if they are not disappointed after “Los dientes del dragón”. Best wishes.

Juan Eslava Galán,563

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